KNOCK OUT ROSES - photo mini session

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How everything started and a little info about plants in my garden.

Print_Garden_Roses_Ella_June2_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography_Print_Garden_Roses_Ella_June2_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography_red roses

🌹 🥀 🌹 When it comes to the roses, there are so many varieties to choose from. I always loved them, there is something special about them. When we moved to this house in Fanwood, Nj five years ago, we looked at the garden and we called it a moonscape. One side had some bamboo growing (which was nice) and nothing else otherwise. We were thinking of how we could combine beautiful garden elements together, which will make our garden not only beautiful and enjoyable, but also useful. It was an empty canvas, and as a former graphic designer and now portrait photographer, I knew I wanted to create something lovely, calm and sweet that could augment my indoor photo-studio. A place where my family can not only chill and have fun, but a space where I can take my clients and create beautiful "park scenarios" for them and where everyone will feel relaxed.  My clients can now choose from full studio/distance outdoor sessions or a garden mini session. How awesome is this!  🌹 🥀 🌹


_Print_Ania_PavlinaPerryPhotography_7_Print_Ania_PavlinaPerryPhotography_7 As my brother visited us from overseas for the first time he helped us to create our vision.  He worked in Prague at the time in one of the national parks, Vitkov, and spent most of his time working on the beautiful landscapes.  My husband did the base design and my brother drew the shapes and plants. 

This is the original plan of our garden. He said, “the garden will always evolve in a natural way, have fun doing it!”  Yea, he was right!! I miss him dearly, every day. My brother loved his work, being outdoors and gardens.  His plan of what we can do with our space meant a lot to us. Unfortunately, my brother passed away, so this plan and our garden mean even more to us. I know, I will now treasure this for the rest of my life. I also realize the unique portrait sessions and the beautiful prints on the wall or heirloom albums will outlive me one day and will mean much more as time goes on. Same as my brother’s garden plan he gave me 4 years ago. This is why I love to create. This is what drives me to do more and create something that has meaning for generations to come.
Print_Stefan_Zahrada_LaGrandeAve_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography__Print_Stefan_Zahrada_LaGrandeAve_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography__ Print_Garden_Roses_June4_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography__Print_Garden_Roses_June4_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography__ To make a long story short, let’s talk about roses - our garden - my happy place. Our garden is again in full bloom and thanks to those roses it will stay like this (on and off) up until the first frost in the fall. I work here, and I enjoy time with my children and my husband here. Taking care of these roses gives me energy and joy.  Let me tell you, they are not as difficult to take care of as you might think. They are so vibrant, with red and yellow petals, depending on which color scheme you decide. These roses are not only great looking but also are extremely resistant to disease.  They grow about 4-5 ft tall, providing beautiful, blooming privacy to porches in zones 5-11. I planted them 3 ft apart and what you see now is a couple of 2-gallon size Knock Out Double Rose Plants with Red Flowers and one 2 gallon Sunny Rose Plant with Yellow Flowers.   In this photo, they are mature and full size - they are 3 years old. They were easy to plant and they are easy to take care of. I usually put a pest control spray on them twice in the year and prune them in early spring.  Print_Garden_Roses_June2_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography_Print_Garden_Roses_June2_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography_Red roses on the garden, Roses mini sessions


Yellow_KnockOut_Rose_PhotoSession__LaGrandeAve_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography__Yellow_KnockOut_Rose_PhotoSession__LaGrandeAve_2020_PavlinaPerryPhotography__Yellow Knock Out Rose
























As you can see, they are amazing in groups, but they also look great by themselves, mixing them with different plants and a variety of roses. The yellow knock out roses have amazing creamy color blooms and a beautiful citrus fragrance and bloom for about 5-6 weeks.  The Cherry Red knock out roses flower from spring to frost and have vibrant red petals, no fragrance. You do not need to deadhead them, they are easy.



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